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10th Mountain Freeride

We like to ride free!

2023 SKI/Snowboard Freeride Programs


(Subject to Change)

Mondays: TBT by sign ups

Tuesdays: Summit County Session

Wednesdays: TBD by sign ups

Thursdays: Eagle County Session

Fridays: TBD by sign ups

Saturdays: Summit County Session

Sundays: Eagle County Session


Scholarships programs available

Full Day Drop in: $200

Half Day Drop in: $100

Package deals: (day rates drop as you participate more)

$600 ($150/full, $75/half) (4 days for cost of 3)

$1200( $120/full day/$60/half) (10 full days)(1x/week)

$2000+ ($100/day, $50/half) (20 full days)(2x/week)

Sessions will run 1/23-4/9(unused sessions can be applied to summer bike sessions)

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