10th Mountain Freeride is starting January 2023 and is designed to create community and compassion through the act of freeriding. Primarily focused on local mountain youth we will bring together like minded individuals to created stronger relationships and memories that will last a lifetime.

Starting January 2023 10th Mountain Freeride will be offering group riding sessions at Eagle and Summit County Resorts. Each session students will be able to “Freeride” with their peers and a 10th Mountain Freeride coach. The group will decide the type of riding and the coach will make sure everyone is being mindful of why this time on hill is good for our lives. As a group we will practice beneficial goal setting and communication skills that will translate outside of sport.

By bringing like minded individuals together we will inherently create a strong community around the act of Freeriding. We hope that community will help build resiliency in our members, and that we can work together to support each other for years to come.

Please explore the website for more information