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10th Mountain Freeride Programs are geared towards skiers and snowboarders who want to Enjoy more time on hill with Friends and mentors. Athletes interested in our programs are expected to be confident skiers capable of skiing the whole mountain. The Group dynamic is to designed to give local athletes and mentors a Place to create Shared Experiences and relationships that will last a lifetime.

10th Mountain Freeride wants our programs to be accessible to any interested in mountain sports. Financial aid can be provided for all programs. see below for the products planned for the 2023/2024 ski season. 

Program Costs:

Drop in Sessions:

  • $200/full day session
  • $100/half day session

Package Options: (any package days not used in Winter can be applied to 2024 MTB programs)

  • 5 day pack- $550
  • 10 day pack- $1000

Season Program: December-March 12 weekends (off Christmas-New Years) 

  • 1 day (sat or sun)- $1,100
  • 2 day (sat and sun)-$2,000 (additional $100/event day for competition coaching)

Can’t afford session fees? Is there any other way to get involved?

We have a Fundraising Platform that can offset fees:

How do I sign up?

  • Package athletes will sign up for each session on
  • Drop in session please email to inquire about availability

How do I know where to meet my coach?

  • The night before each event, an email will be sent to all registered participants with meeting locations/ times for each session.
  • Seasonal Programs will plan to meet their coaches at a set location each week.

What Midweek programs are available?

  • Mid week programs will be in addition to any seasonal program. Groups will be able to schedule additional days with 10th coaches/mentors to allow more time on the hill as a group during school breaks, or on special occasions(12+ pow days?) Mid week group rides will be dependent on coach availability.
  • Individual Mentoring is also available mid week, these sessions will be dictated by the coaches schedules. Once groups have been formed, athletes will be able to set up individual sessions with their coach or any other 10th coach in addition to the group ride schedule. $100/hour is the starting rate for 1 on 1 mentoring. Scholarship/fundraising credits can be applied if a student has documented mental health benefits from being on hill.